You can rent a meeting room per hour in Herk-de-Stad at offiRent. We have advantageous formulas if you want to rent a meeting room.
Our base in Schulen (Herk-de-Stad) ensures that we are anchored locally. With the pleasant parking space right in front of our office building
and barely 3 minutes from the E313 are we are very accessible for everyone.

How do you rent a meeting room?

By renting the meeting room by the hour you can be flexible with the time you spend there. You decide how long you meet and what it will cost you. You can register your reservation online, by telephone or at the reception.

What is included when renting a meeting room?

Our meeting room is equipped with everything needed to optimize your meeting.
So you have:
- Tables and chairs
- Audio and visual material
- Wireless Internet
- Projection screen for presentations
- OffiRent pens and paper
- Coffee and water

If you rent the meeting room for several hours a day, chances are that you will feel like a snack. Let us know in time
and we provide the necessary meals (excl.)

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