The rent for an office is determined by the space you choose. We are happy to make you a customized proposal.

The most common rental is the rental of office spaces that you organize yourself. Here, the price per m² is initially looked at to see if an office falls within the budget. However, this rent is only a limited part and too often too much focus is placed on this.

Overview prices office rent

Most (potential) tenants or start-ups therefore do not have a complete overview of the total office costs, and hardly anyone knows what exactly the costs are per workplace or employee when an office is rented. The rule is that every staff member between the 18 and 25 needs m². By using this rule, you can calculate the minimum space you need. Calculate the 'empty spaces' (such as meeting rooms, reception, canteen, etc.) and you know how large your office should be. However, if you need less than 400 square meters, renting is often the best option. At offices it is smart to take into account, among other things, the parking facilities in the area.

Rent a small or large office

Not that simple at all ... At offiRent we want to change this. We rent out larger offices but also smaller offices or satellite offices, we have the suitable office solution for everyone

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