There are numerous reasons for one
day office in Huren

Renting a day at an office location is good for the image of your company.

The self-employed person
want to work closer to home

Whether or not to share an office, with various services. We support and ensure that you can focus on your core business.

The traveler in transit
just needs an office or a meeting room

Of course you can work in the car. However, having a temporary base to visit your customers in the region gives you a little more peace of mind and luxury.

The home worker
Who needs some new inspiration.

Did you know that a day at the office gives you the opportunity to meet new people and get new ideas?

The peace seeker
who just needs a quiet place to work

Relaxed work at your day / private office. Tell us what you need and we will take care of it!

As a professional you need a
temporary office

You rent your office based on one turns this already per hour!

The benefits of daily office rental are plentiful. People who do not want to be linked to one location can prefer an hourly rent because there are no long-term commitments.

A day at the office is perfect for anyone who temporarily needs their own or shared space. Renting an office for a day can be very useful - especially for someone who is just starting a business.

Professionals who rent an office space per day often need the facilities of a conventional workplace. The full-service meeting rooms are designed for business. Every location is fully equipped with the most advanced technology and professional equipment.

Our day office rates are also flexible, and the space can be rented at the last minute for an entire day or just an hour. Renters only pay for the time that is used, which makes renting a day office an economically viable option.

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